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In a world of pre-packaged, over-processed, fast food you can pick up just about anywhere, Shoemaker's Restaurant is one-of-a-kind, blast-from-the-past, sort of place.

We still hand-cut our steaks and chops, bread our own chicken-fried steak and pork tenderloin. We roll up our own burritos, hand-patty our own fresh-ground beef. Our roast beef and turkey are cooked right in our kitchen.

That fresh-baked aroma drifting from the kitchen? That's our baker at work on our delicious pies and brownies.

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Sit down and relax at Shoemaker's because we serve all this good food right at your table. Our wait staff may even call you "Honey" or "Sugar" – just like you remember from the days when restaurants like ours were the norm up and down the highway.

One-of-a-kind places are getting harder to find, but you've found one in us.



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